Impact Crusher and Type of Stone Crushers Plant

Summary: Stone crusher is an irreplaceable piece of crushing, sand making, crushing and different cycles. We will let you know how to choose the right crusher for your stone crusher business.

What's a stone crusher machine?

A stone crusher is a sort of pulverizer that uses mechanical energy to break blocks of stone, concrete, or other structure materials into more modest blocks of a particular grain size.

From extremely hard stones to delicate minerals, crushers can be used for an exceptionally extensive variety of materials,they can be used in different applications in enterprises, for example, mining industry to decrease the size of metal blocks and work with their processing, crushed stones recently used as building materials and destruction, crushing the flotsam and jetsam left after the destruction of structures, roads, scaffolds, channels and different structures.

How to choose a right stone crusher?

Impact Crusher


Choosing the proper stone crusher is significant for each activity, yet how to choose a right stone crusher? There are a few qualities to consider:

1. Type and Hardness of Materials

The sort and hardness of materials are the principal variables to be viewed as in the choice of crushing equipment. Various sorts of materials will have different hardness and structure, which will have as far as possible on the choice of stone crusher. For the most part, the more prominent the hardness, the higher the crushing trouble coefficient.

2. Material Detail

In the event that the material size is huge, jaw crusher can be chosen as essential crushing; When the size of stone is little and should be made out of stone with specific degree, consolidated crushing and screening equipment will be chosen.

3. Moistness of Materials

The water content of the material will likewise influence the determination of the stone crusher. At the point when the water content is too enormous, the fine materials will agglomerate or adhere to the coarse materials because of the increment of mugginess, to expand the consistency of the materials, diminish the metal release speed and lessen the productivity. At the point when it is significant, it will try and impede the metal release outlet and influence the ordinary production.

4. Granulometric Prerequisite

The approaching and active molecule size is used to pass judgment on the model and crushing level of the necessary crushing equipment.

5. Yield Prerequisites

The result prerequisite is a significant record to decide the crushing equipment. The higher the result necessity, the bigger the expected crushing equipment determination, and the relating information and result will increment.

6. Construction Site

The particular circumstance of the construction site is the most immediate variable influencing the determination of crusher equipment, for example, the site size of the construction site, the particular placement position of crushing equipment, and so on.

These are the main stone crushers on the market:

  1. Impact Crusher
  2. Jaw Crusher
  3. Cone Crusher
  4. Mobile Crusher
  5. Hammer Crusher
  6. Roller Crusher
  7. Sand Making Machine

1. Impact Crusher

Impact crusher is a machine that uses impact energy to crush materials. Changing the hole between the counterattack outline and the rotor can accomplish the reason for changing the size and state of the material released.

2. Jaw Crusher

The functioning method of the jaw crusher is discontinuous, and the stone material is crushed by getting the stone by the decent jaw and the movable jaw. Some time back, a companion passed on a message to counsel the single pendulum jaw crusher. Truth be told, it is seldom used now, and the compound pendulum jaw crusher is principally used.

3. Cone Crusher

Crafted by the cone crusher is ceaseless, utilizing the unpredictable development of the moving cone to crush the stone. Simultaneously, because of the digressive development of the moving cone and the proper cone, the stone will likewise be exposed to shearing and crushing. Thusly, its functioning instrument It is a mix of expulsion, shearing, and processing techniques.

Application: Essentially used for medium or fine crushing of different stone materials. Simultaneously, as per its different structure (suspended shaft type and supporting shaft type), it can likewise be used for coarse stone crushing (suspended shaft type is used less).

Advantages: huge crushing proportion, high proficiency, low energy utilization, less residue, uniform product size, stable activity, low disappointment rate, and difficult to be crushed.

Disadvantages: The structure and upkeep are more convoluted, the body is high, and the price is expensive.

4. Mobile Crusher

Mobile crusher is another sort of equipment. It has been upgraded and advanced in structural plan, equipment arrangement and consolidated application. The blend is more adaptable, which extraordinarily broadens the application field of tire mobile crushing station and genuinely understands the nearness treatment of materials.

Mobile crushers can be additionally partitioned into tire type mobile crushers and crawler type mobile crushers. Despite the fact that they have specific contrasts in unambiguous structure and activity execution, the two of them have the qualities of comfort, adaptability, strolling and halting and neighborhood activity:

1. Coordinated plan of the entire machine. The structure is reduced, coordinating crushing, sand making, screening and transportation, and the conveying equipment is adaptable and various.

2. Extra power foothold and drive. The train foothold or diesel power will be used for strolling, and the activity site will be moved whenever as per the interest.

3. Wireless remote control activity. Contrasted and the customary fixed crusher, one individual can work it remotely, which saves labor and stress.

Understanding the crushing stage and the sort of crusher the most appropriate for each stage can improve on equipment determination. As per our pragmatic application, the most suitable stone crusher is chosen for our quarrying operations.

5. Hammer Crusher

The hammer crusher works constantly. The hammer on the high velocity turning rotor is used to break the stone.

Application: it is suitable for medium and fine crushing of medium and low hardness and non rough stones (compressive strength under 100MPa). It can likewise be used for sand making when there are grind bars, yet it has been seldom used.

Advantages: enormous crushing proportion, high result and all the more fine materials.

Disadvantages: the hammer head wears quick, should be supplanted much of the time, raises dust during work, and gooey materials with unrefined substance dampness content more noteworthy than 12% can't go through really.

6. Roller Crusher

Crafted by the roller crusher is ceaseless. The stone is situated between two equal round and hollow rollers that push toward one another. The grating power between the stone and the roller nibbles the stone into the roller, confronting the stone of the smooth roller. In the wake of being pressed, the stones on the toothed roller are parted and crushed and broken.

Application: Essentially used for medium crushing and fine crushing of medium hardness stones (compressive strength underneath 100MPa) like coal and limestone. Roll crusher isn't used in road gravel processing.

Advantages: basic, smaller structure, low speculation, helpful change, and can be used to crush thick materials.

Disadvantages: low production productivity, incapable to crush hard materials.

7. Sand Making Machine

Crafted by the impact sand making machine is consistent. It uses high velocity moving materials to strike iron, strike one another and rubbing between the materials to break. There are two crushing strategies: "stone-on-rock" and "stone-on-iron".

Application: "Stone-on-Stone" is suitable for rough materials with medium-hardness or more. The completed product has a superior grain shape and somewhat more powder content; "Stone-on-Iron" is suitable for materials with low abrasiveness and lower than medium-hardness, with high crushing effectiveness. The wear cost of the watchman plate is higher, and the completed grain is somewhat more awful.

Advantages: low energy utilization, high result, huge crushing proportion, little size of the equipment, simple activity, helpful establishment and support, with molding capability, cubic product, high mass thickness, and the machine's counterattack plate wears especially during activity Less.

Disadvantages: The support is convoluted and the cost is high. By and large, the most extreme feed size doesn't surpass 60mm, which is suitable for fine crushing and sand making.

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