Limestone Crusher Machine Used For

Limestone aggregate is one of the most universal materials in the world and its limitless benefits have made it an extremely popular product among contractors across all industries.
Limestone is a very common stone, easily available and inexpensive. The possibilities are endless and  can be used for almost any outdoor project. These are just a few of the many ways to use limestone: 

1. To create walkways

One of the most common uses of crushed limestone is to create walkways.Although similar  in  size and texture to gravel, limestone offers a wider range of colors  and is extremely durable. 

2. To regulate the pH of the soil

Crushed limestone can be used to obtain aglime, an agricultural lime used to regulate the pH of the soil  by reducing its acidity. Contractors  sometimes spread it on newly constructed properties before laying sod  to improve the appearance of the lawn. Farmers also use garlic to improve the growing conditions of crops.

3. As a road base

The bases of highways and streets must be filled with  reliable aggregates before they are strong enough to support the weight of traffic. This is where crushed limestone comes into play. Due to its size, durability and affordability, it is one of the best options for creating a smooth and level road. 

4. For pipe lining

Did you know that crushed limestone is often used to line underground pipes? It is one of the best materials for this job because it aligns, supports, and protects the integrity of the pipeline. It is also an excellent insulator and does not expand or contract when exposed to environmental influences. 

5. For the production of concrete

Concrete consists of crushed aggregates (e.g. limestone), water, cement and sand.Limestone concrete is extremely durable and attractive. 

6. To prevent erosion

Ground limestone can be used as fill material to prevent bank erosion. Its affordability and reliability make it the ideal choice for protecting waterways, pilings, shorelines and bridges from ice and water damage. 

7.As track ballast

Track ballast allows water to drain from  tracks and supports railway sleepers. The material chosen for these beds needs to be durable and edgy, which is why crushed limestone is a good choice. 

8. For Roofs

When limestone is ground into a fine powder, it is often used as  roofing and roof tiles to protect the roof and reflect heat. 

9. To fill underneath slabs

Unfortunately, concrete cannot be applied directly to the subsurface. A layer of crushed stone such as limestone is required to fill the area between the slab and the ground and maintain the level. This layer of rock also helps prevent cracking and provides good drainage.

How to choose a limestone crusher?


Limestone Crusher Machine

When selecting the appropriate limestone crusher, the desired production size,  rock or aggregate size, machine speed, type of material to be crushed, available energy source  and budget constraints must be taken into account. Additionally, it is important to consider the crusher's overall performance, efficiency and life cycle costs before making a final decision.
There are several factors to consider when choosing a limestone crusher:

  • Type of Limestone: You need to choose a crusher that can handle the type of limestone you have. Different types of limestone have different levels of hardness  and abrasiveness.
  • Limestone Size: The size of the limestone  also affects the type of crusher used. For larger pieces of limestone, a larger crusher is required, such as a jaw crusher or impact crusher.
  • Capacity: You need to choose a crusher with enough capacity to process the amount of limestone you have.
  • Production Requirements: Consider the production rate required and the final size of  limestone required.
  • Maintenance and Repair: Choose a crusher that is easy to maintain and repair as it will save you time and money in the long run.
  • Budget: Consider the cost of the crusher and  associated equipment, as well as  maintenance and repair costs.

It is always a good idea to consult  a professional crusher manufacturer or distributor to determine the best option for your specific needs.

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