How Much Does a Plastic Crusher Machine Cost?

The plastic crusher is one of the main bits of equipment in the plastic reusing industry and has been a machine of worry to many individuals.

As a salesman who has been in the plastic reusing equipment industry for a very long time, I have reached numerous clients and responded to their inquiries.

One of the inquiries I answer most frequently is the cost of the plastic crusher.

Regarding crushing result of the crusher:

  • 300-500kg/hr Crusher cost is USD 8000 - USD 12000
  • 500-800kg/hr Crusher cost is USD 10000 - USD 17000
  • 800-1200kg/hr Crusher cost is USD 15000 - USD 24000

On the off chance that a transport and storehouse are required, the complete cost will be roughly USD 4,000-5,000 more.

Why Are A few Plastic Crushers Costly And A few Crushers Cheap?

Plastic Crusher

There are many kinds of plastic crusher machines available. The cost for these machines shifts extraordinarily, contingent upon the elements in question.

In this blog entry, I will clear up for you according to the point of view of an expert salesman what variables influence the cost of a plastic crusher machine:

What Are The Variables That Influence The Value Of The Crusher Machine?

Factors influencing the cost of the plastic crusher incorporate the size of the crushing chamber, the quality, and force of the engine and minimizer, the sort of steel utilized in the crusher body, and the kind of steel utilized in the edges.

The size of the plastic crusher chamber contains a ton of data, for example, the size of the feed opening, the width and breadth of the turning screw inside the plastic crusher chamber, and so on.

That data will impact whether the plastic crusher addresses your issues, like the result of the plastic crusher, the sort, and size of the material to be squashed, and so forth.

The engine and minimizer are additionally significant variables influencing the cost of the crusher machine. They are as critical to the plastic crusher machine as a heart.

The sort of steel utilized in the development of the plastic crusher likewise impacts the cost. For instance, tempered steel 304 is more costly than conventional carbon steel since it is more wear-safe and has better erosion opposition.

The cutting edges are likewise a significant element that influences the cost of the crusher machine. The material and hardness of the sharp edges will influence the presentation of the plastic crusher machine and the cost partially.

What's more, The Sort Of Plastic Crusher Is Likewise A Significant Component That Influences The Value Of The Crusher Machine.

To start with, you want to explain the sort of material you really want to pulverize.

Check these also:

Might it be said that they are PET jugs? Or then again plastic film? Or then again delicate and numerous sorts of plastic waste?

For instance, assuming that you want a crusher that has some expertise in crushing PET jugs, a crushing chamber with a circular segment and a level cutting edge type will be more reasonable.

There is likewise a crusher machine that has practical experience in crushing plastic film and PVC cylindrical plastic waste.(As you know, the plastic film crusher machine requires more ability to accomplish your ideal crushing result. Furthermore, there are likewise extraordinary crushers appropriate for crushing rounded materials.)

Whether Crusher Machines With Extraordinary Prerequisites?

In the event that you really want a low-commotion crusher, The thicker crushing chamber and the wipe with clamor retention will assist you with accomplishing your motivation.

On the off chance that you really want to buy another crusher machine to supplant the crusher in your current plastic waste washing line, letting us know more insights regarding the washing line will be extremely useful.

For instance: What is the ongoing result of your washing line? What kind of plastic waste is the line used to reuse? What is the size of the plastic chip required? What is the size of the transport line? Do you have to pulverize the chamber with a water flush washing capability? and so on.


Thus, you see that different variables influence the plastic crusher machine.

What's more, one of the secret variables in deciding the expense of a crusher machine is the maker you pick.

As well as having the option to buy an unrivaled performing crusher machine, you may likewise need the production line you decide to have great relational abilities, brief reaction time, wonderful pre-deals and after-deals administration, and the important direction on the utilization of the equipment and different kinds of frill in the distribution center.

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